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Free PSN Codes

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If you wish to download your free PlayStation network card (free PSN codes) right away, scroll to the bottom.

free PSN codes
Before you ask, yes, this is legal.
There’s no need to be too surprised you can find things like this online. Free PSN codes are just another part of the shift that gaming has made from individual console systems to online delivery.

Gaming has changed a lot over the last decade, and for that we can thank the major technical developments of the Internet. It used to be that console gaming was limited to buying software in computer and game stores…
That you could only play games against other people on your couch using a second controller.

The rise of widely available broadband Internet access and affordable devices meant that game consoles can now take advantage of the Internet revolution as well as any other device, which changed game distribution entirely.
Instead of going to the store, you can now buy games and additional content through the PlayStation Network.

PSN lets people around the world interact with each other over the Internet, and access huge libraries of downloadable content.
Access to PSN has become one of the fastest selling items in electronics and stores, making it only second to console games and the biggest budget AAA titles.

The shift from bought software to online distribution as part of networked gaming only happened over the last few years, and it’s probably not going to go away any time soon.

To old school gamers, buying content online seems risky, and it can certainly be expensive. That’s where free codes come into play.
PSN codes are easier than it sounds to find online. Yes, getting games generally costs money, and we tend to assume getting anything for free that normally costs money is not allowed.
Some people (who wouldn’t otherwise be able to pay for them) therefore thin the best titles’ online features or downloadable content libraries are out of reach. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Free PSN codes aren’t that hard to find on the web… as long as you know where to look (we offer them at the bottom of THIS article).
Sony actively encourages people to give out the codes. Their reasoning is that making codes available for free improves the lifespan of older games, and makes their very expensive to develop gaming system more viable, longer lasting, and sale-able to a wider market.

For the ordinary person, free PSN codes are cause for celebration.

They give you free access to a variety of features that otherwise wouldn’t be within reach, and it’s all possible thanks to online delivery.

Online delivery makes it possibly to buy a game while sitting at home, and instantly get access to a world wide community of other players.
You’re no longer bound to the limitations of playing with just friends around you, people who may not necessarily like the same games you do.
Online delivery also makes it possible for developers to continually release new content, putting out downloadable products and patches for the world to use as time goes on.

Better yet, distribution systems like PSN level the playing field for new developers.
There’s no massive up front cost like there was to print a million boxes and burn a million CD’s.
Anyone with the knowledge to make a game can put theirs online for play and sale.
Instead of being dependent on the efforts of large development houses, players can now try the quirky and interesting ideas independent developers come up with too.
This forces the large development houses to keep coming up with new and interesting ideas, rather than just putting out sequels to whatever sold well last year.

Why do we give out PSN Codes for free?

Gaming websites that give out free codes benefit too, as the community recognizes the contributions that they make to the world of gaming.
In other words, when you combine distribution like PSN with free codes, everyone wins.

If you’re getting into PlayStation Network, give our free PSN codes a try. Don’t let the prospect of juggling online codes, membership subscriptions, and cards scare you of.
To get started downloading your very own free PSN codes click on the button below for a $50 PlayStation Network card:
Free PSN Codes

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  1. It took me 10 minutes to complete that annoying survey.
    But I am satisfied, it was free and I got my code :D

  2. John Hudson says:

    Thanks for the $50 code :).
    I might need some more is it okay if I download another one?

    • Hi, sure you can. However, we would prefer you to download only 1 code per day.
      Alternatively you could download our PSN Code Generator if you need more codes.


  1. gamerman1337 says:

    Hey thanks for this man, the survey took some time. But it was definitely worth it!

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