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Download Free Microsoft Points Codes

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What is Microsoft Points?


free Microsoft points

If you enjoy video games, you might have heard a lot of people talking about Microsoft points and wondered to yourself, “What are Microsoft points, exactly?”

Even if you’re not a gamer, you might have encountered the term before in the Zune Marketplace.

Simply put, they are a type of digital currency that Microsoft invented to allow people to purchase video games, expansion packs, songs, videos and movies, themes, avatar pictures, and other miscellaneous digital gear from their world famous Xbox Live, Zune Marketplace and Games for Windows Live services.



Why is this new system invented?


Also known as MSP, or simply as points, this specialized type of digital currency was designed to solve several different problems, although the most important consideration is that it allows potential customers to purchase digital items from Microsoft without being forced to use a credit card.

This is accomplished by having various retailers around the world to sell Microsoft Points Cards, everywhere from electronics stores in New Work to convenience stores in Tokyo.

The customer simply purchases a card which contains a unique key code. They can then visit a special Microsoft website online, type in the unique key code, and their Microsoft points will be deposited into their account.

Microsoft points codes, can be bought in a wide variety of different amounts, ranging from 100 all the way up to 6000.


It is still possible to buy cheap Microsoft points with a credit card, of course, but the purpose of using the new systems is to give people flexibility and choice.

After all, the more potential customers they have the more money Microsoft stands to earn from them!

Currently, 80 Microsoft points are worth about 1 US dollar, which means that a video game that costs 1600 MSP actually costs about $20 USD in real-world currency.

This value does fluctuate slightly from time to time in many different countries as the world currency markets shift and change, but it always stays in approximately the same range in the United States.

Some retailers occasionally offer discounts on point cards, which can really help you save money when you’re looking to add cheap Microsoft points codes to your account, so be sure to stay on the lookout for good deals.




But why pay for games?


One of the great things about the new system is that it is possible to crack it and gain as many free Microsoft points codes you could ever want, this is of course not an easy task to accomplish all by yourself, so therefore we’re sharing free Microsoft points with you!

Just scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the download button to get started.

Any codes you put into your account through one service can then be used on any of their other services. For example, if you add them using your Xbox and then decide later that you want to download some new songs to your Zune MP3 player, they will also be available for use in the Zune Marketplace.



There is a bit of a downside to paying for this currency, however. Because you are forced to buy them in pre-set amounts, you might be forced buy even more than you actually need at the moment.

For example, if the game you want to download costs 900 points, you might be forced to purchase a 1200 point card, which means that the company is just holding on to the rest of your money until you decide to buy something else.

This is not exactly an ideal situation, so it makes sense that once a person asks “What are Microsoft points”, that they may want to know if there are any other ways that it is possible to gain access to free Microsoft points.



Reasons to download them for free


There are, of course, reasons other than the point-blocks problem that might cause you to wonder the very same things.

For example, it can sometimes be difficult to get access to them. In some countries in the world, it is very difficult (or maybe even impossible!) to purchase them.

In certain countries, you can only buy them in certain fixed amounts. What if you want to buy a different amount?

You might be out of luck! Even if you line in the heartland of America, if no stores in your area sell the cards, and you do not have a credit card, how are you going to get to enjoy all the exciting and enjoyable content that is available from the various services?

Fortunately for you, it is now possible to get access to them for free!



We’re sharing a lot of worldwide 4000 free Microsoft points codes, you’re however only allowed to download 2 per person. Get started by clicking the download button below:
free Microsoft points codes

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